Wishes and Reviews

With just over two months remaining until Dale and I [finally] get married, life is falling into a familiar rhythm. Almost everything that I would probably be doing in the United States, I have slowly found my way into here in Australia. Looking back on the last few months, it’s cool to see how everything has come together even when I didn’t expect it to. But I guess that’s the way life goes, isn’t it? God has a way of laughing at us when we think we have everything sussed out. But I enjoy it! His plans are always better than mine were anyway ūüôā

Basketball is one of my passions, and it seemed inevitable for it to make its way back into my life sooner or later. I was hoping it would be sooner rather than later, but at the same time I wasn’t going out of my way to look for anything; I was trying to be patient for once. Since I’ve been here I prayed for God to open doors for me, whether it would be to familiar hobbies or new adventures. I was ready for the door to be completely closed to some things that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past. But let’s just say I’m glad that the door to basketball was left cracked open for me. And in more ways than one!

Most of you know that I have “officially” coached in the past: one year as a student coach and a second year as an assistant coach, both at Simpson University (that doesn’t include volunteer coaching for smaller teams or sports camps). But¬†since finishing my time there, I have had a desire to be involved with basketball again, and I knew that fire would not go away very quickly. ¬†So when Dale and I were approached with the opportunity to coach an under 18 (U18) boys’ team together, we jumped on it! We had talked about the idea of coaching together for quite a while, so we were excited to start even sooner than we had anticipated. With try-outs and placement games over, we will be officially beginning our season in a matter of weeks! The team is called the Heathdale Hornets, of the Heathdale Basketball Club, and it operates just down the road from where we live. If that wasn’t perfect enough, we just love the team. We don’t know them entirely too well yet, but we are anxious to learn more about them and teach them about basketball and its many disciplines. So I’ll update you later about how the team is doing!

As I mentioned before, I had this burning desire to get involved in basketball again, and I didn’t really care how. Playing didn’t exactly come to mind, but when the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t exactly push the notion away either. Just in the last couple weeks I was told about a team holding try-outs that is based in a suburb called Whittlesea. However, when the level of play came into conversation my first instinct was to shy away. The level of the club is what’s called the “Big V” which, along with 5 other leagues, is just below Australia’s National Basketball League. Intimidating, right? But I went for it thinking even if I end up failing it’s still going to be an amazing workout. Well, it didn’t disappoint! That workout was rough. And it just so happens that this last week I got a call back and had a second workout. So I’m still not entirely sure how it will all unfold yet, but it’s looking like I might be coming out of retirement pretty soon. More on that to come in the next couple weeks!


Another thing that I’ve become involved with is writing (as you may be able to tell with these blog posts). And it has been in such a way that I enjoy it very much! There’s a magazine based, monthly paper (with national online publication) that accepts citizen journalists and it’s called¬†The Australia Times.¬†The magazine includes basically any ¬†topic that you can think of, so I expressed my interest of writing for them if they need anything. Now, I get opportunities to get free tickets to different functions, releases, or venues, and I most typically write a review about it and give it to the magazine. So far I have done one review, but even just after that one experience, I am SO grateful that I embraced this new challenge. The¬†one review that I have written was for a contemporary film that Dale and I got to view at Cinema Nova in Carlton (just outside Melbourne). Based on a true story,¬†Joe Cinque’s Consolation¬†is the film adaptation of a book by Helen Garner that details the¬†prosecution of a woman who killed her boyfriend in 1997 after openly discussing it with friends. It is such a twisted story and after seeing the movie I couldn’t believe that this actually happened in Canberra – the capital of Australia (in New South Wales). If you want to know more you should look it up or read the book because it’s definitely worth your time. Needless to say, I will definitely be looking forward to performing more reviews for the journal.

Here’s the link for¬†The Australia¬†Times (TAT)¬†if you’re interested:



Last, but most would say certainly not least, I want to share a recipe with you! This one is the cookie that I have tried most recently and it did not let me down. I wa.s in the mood for a cookie that was different – one that didn’t have any chocolate in it but that still tasted crunchy, and one that I hadn’t had before. So I got on Pinterest (of course) and took some time looking through non-chocolate chip cookie recipes. That’s where I found the winner. And it is most definitely worth your time! It’s the Coconut Almond Cookie With Cacao Nibs, and yes it is a healthier (not saying it’s good for you) alternative to chocolate chip-filled cookies. So trust me and give this delicious treat a try ūüôā


Almond Coconut Cookies with Cacao Nibs


But that’s all for now! Wedding planning is moving along as it should be and we’re getting more and more excited to see some of our friends and family from the states. Oh and we went shopping for our wedding bands (that’s the best part of planning the wedding, right?)! So excited about that and wish I could share what they look like, but that will just have to wait until the big day.

Love & Blessings,


1 Corinthians 13:4-8



One thought on “Wishes and Reviews

  1. You are a gifted writer Mel! You remind me of your Aunt Burni, my sister, who is likewise gifted. Sounds like Australia has been treating you well! Keep up the posts.


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